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By Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson and the National Film Board of Canada

Seances presents a new way of experiencing film narrative, framed through the lens of loss. In a technical feat of data-driven cinematic storytelling, films are dynamically assembled in never-to-be-repeated configurations. Each exists only in the moment, with no pausing, scrubbing or sharing permitted, offering the audience one chance to see this film before it disappears.
The project was born from the mind of one of the world’s foremost outré directors, Guy Maddin, who has long been haunted by the idea that 80% of films from the silent era are lost. Driven by the desire to reincarnate this vanished history, an abundance of these films have been reimagined by Maddin and brothers Evan and Galen Johnson, with the express goal of combining and recombining them to create infinite narrative permutations.
In this trio’s inimitable ethos and aesthetic – which takes the language and spirit of early sound cinema and runs it through a filter of their invention, bound up in history, melodrama, and bromance-infused neuroses – Seances has been co-created by the NFB as a web-based and installation-based film experience. In both iterations the audience has an opportunity to influence the film they are about to see, but it will be the only instance of that particular film that will ever exist. There is only that moment to watch.
The NFB has worked with Nickel Media in marrying a dense cinematic language with the latest in cloud-based video/audio compositing technology. The proprietary software allowed Maddin and the brothers Johnson to apply algorithmic methods to their storytelling, presenting a completely new method of filmmaking.
Seances is at once anachronistic and completely of its time. It spans a vast historical breadth, from early cinema all the way to present-day with its impressive and unique application of technology, and along the way achieves unexpected profundity and a surprising depth of emotion. It’s humorous and touching and gripping and gorgeous: a testament to loss and ephemerality in the age of the Internet.
Created by
Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson and the National Film Board of Canada
Produced by
the National Film Board of Canada
Executive Producers
David Christensen and Loc Dao
Alicia Smith and Dana Dansereau
Interface Designer, Web & Installation
Aubyn Freybe-Smith
Junior Designers, Web
Irene Wang and Alida Horsley
Dynamic Text Editing
Jennifer Moss
Music and Sound Design
Galen Johnson, Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and John Gurdebeke
Project Manager
Laura Mitchell
Operations Managers
Janine Steele and Darin Clausen
Additional Music
Jason Staczek
Early Prototype Developer
Chris Luft
Conceptual Consultant
Bob Kotyk
John Gurdebeke
Nickel Media - Built with Imposium
Nickel Media
Technical Director
Jason Nickel
Creative Director
Jeff Middleton
Senior Producer
Joy Kuraitis
Lead Developer
Greg Webber
Zack Brenton
Josh McGrath
Web Developer
John Munn
DevOps Lead
Logan Attwood
National Film Board of Canada
Technical Director
Dana Dansereau
Studio Administrators
Bree Beach, Carla Jones, Jennifer Roworth
Production Supervisors
Mark Power, Jennifer Roworth, Kathryn Lynch
Production Coordinators
Stacey Sellers, Faye Yoneda
Techinal Edit Coordinator
Wes Machnikowski
Marketing Manager
Tammy Peddle
Jennifer Mair
Web Marketing
Kathryn Ruscito
System Administrators
Sergiu Raul Suciu, Bruno Gervasi
Business and Legal Affairs
Christian Pitchen, Stéphaine L'Écuyer
Special Thanks
Ali King, Allen Mills, Amélie Galli, Bernard Blistène, Bob Kotyk, Brenda Johnson, Brent Skagford, Bronwyn Murray, Caelum Vatnsdal, Carole Vivier, Carolle Brabant, Cindy Witten, David Cuthbert, David Kermani, Diana Kotyk, Éireann Macauley, Erika Szabo, Francesca Veneziano, Guillaume Chouinard, Henry Johnson, Hugues Sweeney, Jacqueline Kotyk, Jacqueline Youngle, Janique Vigier, Jilian Maddin, Jonah Corne, Josh Siegel, Julia Anne Leach, Katy Slimmon, Landmark Cinemas, Larry Minarik, Laura Michalchyschyn, Laurel Macmillan, Lauren Davis, Lawrence Johnson, Lisa Kehler, Liz Jarvis, Louise O’Brien-Moran, Louis-Richard Tremblay, Lulu Akhanamoya, Meeka Walsh, Memo Akten, Michael Butterworth, Michael Kotyk, Michelle Van Beusekom, Monica Moore, Noah Cowan, Noam Gonick, Or Israel and ATD Audio Visual, Peter Cohen, Rick Fisher, Rob McLaughlin, Robert Enright, Rory Runnels, Sebastien Nasse, Shaun Balbar, Sophie Cavoulacos, Stephanie Azam, Steve Bates, Sue Biely, Sylvie Pras, Takaaki Okada, Tiffany Humble, Tina Gigliotti
Created in conjunction with the film “The Forbidden Room‟ produced by Phi Films and Buffalo Gal Pictures in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada, with financial participation from Telefilm Canada and Manitoba Film and Music, SODEC, and produced in association with Phi Centre, George Pompidou National Public Cultural Establishment, and KIDAM.

Shot in public on location at the Phi Centre, Montreal and the Centre Pompidou, Paris France.

Adele Poldl Dite Haenel
Alex Bisping
Alexander Skerget
Amira Casar
Andre Wilms
Andreas Aspergis
Anthony Lemke
Ariane Labed
Arthur Holden
Carole Laure
Caroline Dhavernas
Catherine Treskow
Celine Bonnier
Charlotte Rampling
Christophe Paou
Clara Furey
Darcy Fehr
Deena Aziz
Elia Blanc
Elina Lowensohn
Emily McCarthy
Eric Robidoux
Fabrice Barrilliet
Geraldine Chaplin
Goûchy Boy
Graham Ashmore
Gregory Gadebois
Gregory Hlady
Jacques Bonnaffe
Jacques Nolot
James Hyndman
Jean-Baptiste Phou
Jean-Francois Stevenin
Jeanne De France
John Churchill
Judith Baribeau
Julie Chermenault
Juliette Gosselin
Karine Vanasse
Katia Rock
Kent Mcquaid
Kyle Gatehouse
Lewis Furey
Louis Negin
Luce Vigo
Maria De Medeiros
Marie Brassard
Marie-Sophie Roy
Mathieu Amalric
Mathieu De Laborde
Mathieu Demy
Mathilda Ekoe
Matthew Comeau
Miguel Cueva
Mistaya Hemmingway
Neil Napier
Nicolas Fayol
Noel Burton
Pamela Iveta
Paul Ahmarani
Penny Mancuso
Pierre Marcoux
Robinson Stevenin
Romano Orzari
Roy Dupuis
Rudy Andriamimarinosy
Sienna Mazzone
Slimane Dazi
Sophie Desmarais
Udo Kier
Vasco Bailly Gentaud
Victoire Du Bois
Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon
Victoria Diamond
Directed By
Guy Maddin
Evan Johnson
Written By
Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Robert Kotyk
"How to Take a Bath" written by
John Ashbery
Phyllis Liang, Guy Maddin, Phoebe Greenberg, Penny Mancuso
David Christensen
Executive Producers
David Christensen, Niv Fichman, Jody Shapiro, François-Pierre Clavel
Director Of Photography
Stephanie Weber-Biron
Director Of Photography (Paris)
Ben Kasulke
Production Designer
Galen Johnson
Art Directors
Brigitte Henry, Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski
Construction Foreman
Geoff Levine
Film Editor
John Gurdebeke
Title Design
Galen Johnson
Colour & Effects
Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson
Supervising Producers
Jean Du Toit, Emmanuelle Héroux, Liz Jarvis
Costume Designers
Yso South, Elodie Mard, Julie Charland
“The Final Derriere”
Written, produced and performed by Sparks.
Montreal Casting
Rosina Bucci, Elite Casting
Paris Casting
Alexandre Nazarian
Produced With The Support Of Canadian Cultural Centre And Investors Group
Additional Support Provided By The Film/Video Studio Program At The Wexner Centre For The Arts
Line Producer, France – Olivia Cooper Hadjian, For The Centre Pompidou
Visual Effects Supervisor : Evan Johnson
1st Assistant Director
Fabrice Barrilliet
2nd Assistant Director
Catherine Lachance
Assistant Production Manager
Christine Saucerotte
Production Accountant
Pierre Guévremont
Production Office Assistants
Frédéric Bougeois-LeBlanc, Olivier Guévremont
Art Department Supervisor
Marie-Sophie Roy
Art Department Coordinator
Dean Henry
Props Master
Jennifer Small
Luc Bonin, Marc Gagnon, Eric Le Brech, Christian Miron
Assistant Carpenter
Lisa Gamble
Art Department Key Assistants
Jasa Baka, Emma Owen
Art Department Assistants
Sebastian Becker, Piero Cremaschi, Tara Desmond, Maya Jarvis, Daphné Loubot, Stéphanie Payne, Claire Stewart, Anna Berezowsky, Patricia Crespien, Hannah Fleet, Gabby Leon, Massimo Meo, Jeong Hwa Ryoo, Kayla Wemp
Make-up Artist
Elaine Hamel
Hair Stylist
Ann-Louise Landry
Assistant Hair & Make-up
Florence Cornet, Josianne Lacoste
Assistant Costume Designers
Jenn Pocobene, Emmanuelle Rochon
Focus Puller
Ina Lopez
Data Manager / Focus Puller
Falco Taoualit
Installation Camera
Robert Kotyk
Stills Photographer
Vincent Wong Chung Toi
Camera Trainees
Laurence Turcotte-Fraser, Andréanne Chartrand-Beaudry, Martin Gaumond
Christian Mouzard, Maxime Robert-Lachaine
Martin Leduc-Poirier
Key Grips
Alain Tremblay, Maxime Forget
Patrick Brissette
Sound Recordist
Simon Plouffe
Catering & Craft Services
Chic Frigo Sans Fric:, Florence-Léa Siry, Julie Garin
Craft Services
Samantha Truc
for Centre Phi
Financial Consultant
Gordon Halliday
Director of Operations
Patrice Moїse
Event Manager
Caroline Clément
Technical Director
Marc-André Nadeau
Technical Supervisor
Simon Bonami
Technical Director - DHC
James Prior
Chief Creative and Communications Director
Luc Mérineau
Director PR and Development
Myriam Achard
Community Managers
Chris Clark, Myriam Daguzan-Bernier
Senior Network Administrator
Christ Keuchkerian
Network Administrator
Jean-François Mercille
Building Manager
Jade Youngblood
Executive Assistant
Sandra Testa
Paris Line Production
Line Producer
François-Pierre Clavel
Associate Producers
Alexandre Perrier, Bastien Ehouzan, Pascal Barneville, Jean-Marc Vicariot
Additional Writing By
Kim Morgan
Assistant Directors
Alexandre Nazarian, Robert Kotyk, Nora Jaccaud
Production Manager (Canada)
Joe Laurin
Production Coordinator (Canada)
Monique Perro
Production Accountant
Monique Ledohowski
KIDAM Production Accountant
Patricia Gaulin
Production Assistants
Clémentine Nithart, Coline Jouvenot
Props/ Set Dressers
Laura Pardonnet, Clémence Bellisson, Lara Hirzel, Marie Fages, Cécile Grâce Janvier
Props/ Sets Backup
Francesca Veneziano
Art Department Assistants
Mitra Basteth, Anne Charlotte, Orsten Groom, Jeanne Madic
Boboks Handmade By
Orsten Groom
Elodie Mard-Pasqualini, Olivier Ligen
Costume Assistant
Emmanuelle Pastre
Julie Poulain, Laurence Grosjean
Hair Stylist
Julie Poulain
Special Effects Make-up
Harold Levy
Camera Operators
Guy Maddin, Sarah Cunningham
Focus Puller
Sarah Cunningham
Data Manager
François Nabos
Additional Camera
Kim Morgan
Additional Rear-Screen Footage
Kyle Armstrong
Stills Photographer
Cécile Grâce Janvier
Romain Le Bonniec
Key Grip
Thomas Gros
Stéphane Touresy
Post-Production Manager
Robert Kotyk
Post-Production Coordinator
Amélie Vigeant
Post-Production Accountants
Becky Pelto, Pierre Guévremont
Assistant Editors
Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Robert Kotyk, Mike Olenick
Sound Designer
John Gurdebeke
Sound Editor
David Rose
Re-Recording Mixer
Vincent Riendeau
Mix Consultant
Gavin Fernandes
DI Post-Production TECHNICOLOR Creative Services - Montréal
Nico Ilies
DCP Mastering
Luciano Martins
Project Manager
Anabel Dumont
Operations Manager
Milaine Gamache
Computer Graphics
Jean-Baptiste Combette
Spanish Translation Services
Heather Neale Furneaux
Music Clearance Services
Lucie Bourgouin PERMISSION, Inc.
Production Mentor
Tasia Geras
Pre-Production Coordinator
Hersh Seth
Wardrobe Consultant
Wanda Farian
Costumer – 2nd Unit
Heather Neale
Gaffer – 2nd Unit
Ryan Simmons
Props Builders
Dirk Blouw, Elyssa Stelman
Pre-Production Daily Crew
Trevor Cunningham, Maryam Decter, Olaf Dux, Ryan Herdman, Katelynd Johnston, Patricia Kress, Norma Lachance, Lori Stefaniuk, Angela Vaags
for Buffalo Gal Pictures
VP Legal and Business Affairs
Devan Towers
Business Affairs Coordinator
Shelley MacDougall
Office Manager
Laura Schadelle
Production Assistant
Drew Scurfield
produced with the assistance of
the Government of Manitoba - Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit the Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
Films Lost: 
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